Thursday, June 28, 2007

Graduate Certificate for UBBT Team 3

Well teams, this is one fine piece of art --created by Kim Christian, Dan Rominski's artistically gifted better half. This found and/or organic-object collage is a rendition of a photograph of a rock sculpture I did on the beach at Waipio Valley when team 3 was there for their eco-adventure. A rock sculpture is, to me, about balance --and about impermanence...two fine subjects for martial arts teachers to meditate on.

This is the 3rd certificate in the "black belt certificates as art" series...and my goal was to commission artists to make black belt certificates that were first recognized for their unique theme and beauty...and then only after that as an actual certificate.

In that we were all there at Waipio (one of the rocks is made up of a journal entry I made about my first visit to Waipio when I moved to Hawaii), and that we played hard on this beach (a couple of injuries too --and we almost lost John M.), AND that we moved about 6 ton of lava-rock at Jason Scott Lee's place there...well, it's the perfect piece.

Thank you to Kim and Dan! I am making a video on the making of this piece....which will be meant to accompany your certificate.
If you, after two years, actually MAKE it to the graduation, you will receive one of them.


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