Friday, July 20, 2007

Forget "Karate", MMA is The Ultimate!

Forget your karate, your taekwondo, your aikido, your gung fu, your jiu-jitsu, your kenpo; mixed martial arts is the ULTIMATE!

Mixed Martial Arts –In Perspective
By Tom Callos

Mixed martial arts is the perfect art for the space it occupies. I mean, why not use what works when it’s needed? Why not forget a style’s country of origin, it’s founder, it’s history, it’s lineage? Who really cares what art a technique is from?

Hey, if the kick works, if the choke chokes, if the punch lands, who could ask for more? When you’re in the octagon or any fighting ring, you’re on the spot -there’s no time for history or philosophy, there’s only time to do what you’ve come to do.

I love mixed martial arts for its efficiency, for its no-nonsense approach, for its adaptability, and for its lack of baggage. It is the ultimate martial art for the 625-square-feet of space that makes up a 25’ x 25’ ring.

The only thing is, and it’s worthy to note: Life does not take place in the octagon. The rules of MMA practice and fighting, the whole UFC fight thing, well…it’s made for the ring.

Life is, yeah, BIGGER! Life is...


The rules that work so well in the octagon or in ANY ring, don't apply to the big ol' world. No, for the world, to live here in peace, to let our children grow up and love, live, reach, enjoy, and prosper, there are lots, and lots, and lots of other things they need to know.

This then, all you "karate teachers" (replace "karate with your style, system, method, etc.), is a wake up call (if you need one).

If you're going to define your art with "fighting" in the first paragraph of your description of what you do, then you have limited your overall value (to the tune of about 625 square feet).

If you realize YOUR playing field in the world (read: large!) --and teach accordingly, then your style will go on, will prosper, will have value, and will make a difference (in a much larger and, dare I say, more relevant way).

If your primary focus is kicking, punching, grappling, etc. -well, it's your choice isn't it? It doesn't make you bad or weak or anything, that is except less valuable to the world.

Teach more than fighting; redefine your mission; create a new INTENT.

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ronin17 said...

I Love MMA however,Karate Do has a much larger responsibility to society.