Thursday, September 13, 2007

How to Begin the Ultimate Black Belt Test

OK, you've already signed on, so here’s how to get started.
First, start training.
Your transformation begins physically. Your goal is to be lean, muscular, healthy, and incredibly skilled at the end of this test. Walk, ride, do your form (3 times a day), spar and grapple (or hit the bag), sit-ups and push-ups, etc.
Second, eat like a champion.
There is no excuse for you to consume more than you need –or to eat in a way that does not bring you health and fitness. Radically alter your diet, eliminating all junk-food, excessive sugar, and processed foods. Need help? Ask.
Third, become a part of the team.
The test isn't just about you. If you can train and eat like a black belt, can you be a black belt team member? Can you give in a way that shows who you are on the inside?

Fourth, get the people around you involved.
It takes a village to make you a master teacher, so get your village involved. Every student, friend, and family member plays a role in your training. They hold you accountable to your promise, they train with you, they grow with you, they support you when you need it. If you don’t tell people what you’re doing, you won’t lose face when you feel like quitting (and you will feel like quitting at some point).
People who don’t have their students holding them accountable to the UBBT, cut their success rate by 80%.
Fifth, tune in with Tom –and other Team Members to help you.
Coach Tom can and will help you with your training, your business, or whatever else you might need (within reason!). There is someone on the UBBT team, past or present, who can help you –if you need it, and if you’ll ask for it. Don’t try to be the Lone Ranger –and reach out for assistance BEFORE you’re desperate.
Sixth, plan to attend the events (long before they happen).
You have months to plan, raise money for, and prepare for our events. PPPPP = Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (and it prevents you from missing out on some of the best times of your test).
Seventh, journal, every week, like you were writing a book (your book), and like you are a teacher to 1000’s.
Journaling is the key to connecting with your community, with our community, with your coaches, and with the program. Call Tom for journaling instructions (how to do it).
Eighth, develop and maintain an attitude of mastery, peace, compassion, and a resolve to persevere and solve ANY problem that arises.
There is no problem so great, no obstacle so huge, nothing, nothing, nothing that can make you quit or develop a bad attitude about your test or anyone involved with it. Develop a bad attitude and not only do you reveal the limit of your intelligence, but you embarrass yourself, the team, and your teacher (is that clear enough?). Of course, you won't --as you understood the commitment before you enrolled.
Thank you!

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