Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ultimate Black Belt Test Team Message

Good morning,

Let's talk business
The new strategy for 2008 is to get each of your students, even if only in the smallest way, to take their martial arts "out of the dojo -and into the world." What if, this year, each of your students took on a little community activism project –based on something they had an interest in? What if some of them banded together to help each other? What if people who were not your students got involved and/or heard about it? Even better, what if people heard about what you were up to –and were MOVED by it?

What if you decided that you were going to get proactive and "black belt creative" this year (starting now) about promoting your business and your services in unique, innovative, and emotionally powerful ways?!

That's the plan. It's all about PROMOTION, CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION, and BEING A MENTOR/LEADER. It's NOT "buying an ad" –it's LIVING the talk. It's seeing if you can use your powers to inspire people to take action; action that shapes, action that teaches, action that creates CHANGE.

What will happen as a result?

You will TEACH people to USE THEIR POWER (too). You will reach out to people who care about your community and it's people. You will also accomplish several things at once –and your school will take on a new USP –and you will have things to talk about and sell that nobody else has.

Step # 1 is to create a PROJECT PORTFOLIO for your school –and document every project no matter the size, no matter the outcome.

Look to our new website to create an association-wide Project Portfolio —but don't wait, start now. The goal is to take each project and use it to write the book of black belt action, empowerment, activity, and outcome.

No more "this is what we can do"'s time for THIS IS WHAT WE DO. Prove it.

Let's talk projects
Anger Management is, I think, "the thing" you should be jumping on –like yesterday. After you take the course at, the program's not going to fill your school like magic –you're going to have to WORK at using it....but let me tell you, there is magic in the subject, in its power, it's its potential –and you need to learn how to talk the talk, now.

Diabetes Education and the Acts of Kindess Program are your e-tickets to SELF-DEFENSE education for the HERE AND NOW. Can you get to every school-age (6 to 18) child in your town with a message about their health and diabetes? Do you have the wherewithal to use our connection with Andy Mandell and to get your black belt on and help prevent young people in your town from getting this insidious disease?

You might have to learn about diabetes first –but again, let me tell you, this could help you meet and get involved with all sorts of people that could benefit your school in a "get new students" sort of way.

This tool isn't going to come to you in a fricken box –so you're going to have to get on the stick a little and WORK IT. But you've never, ever had access to better resources to do that –than you have now.

ALABAMA. That's all I should have to do --is mention the name of the upcoming UBBT/100 event --and my phone should be ringing off the hook with offers for help. THis is the martial arts anti-convention convention. This is everything we hoped the martial arts would be about -but haven't seen become reality. It's 4 months away -and I need your help to make it happen --and I need you to be there, in force, ready to learn and share and grow.

Let's talk your head
I don't what your obstacle is. I don't know what your excuses are. I don't know what demons you have on your back.

What I do know is that you can do better. I do know that you would do very well to change your behaviors –to the kind that empower you to be who you want to be. I do know that you have joined a community that is working to MAKE A DIFFERENCE –and that if you can get yourself our of your normal routine, out of your comfort zone, out of your excuse-zone, you will become an integral part of a MOVEMENT in the martial arts world –and in the world itself, for something different –and better for the soul.

Get your power on. Hang out with better thinkers. Hang out with those that are DOING. Hang out with people working for others. Throw off the constrains of "keeping up with the Joneses" –throw off the need to feed your endless wants –and start living in a spiritual world.

As a MASTER TEACHER, this is your path. You aren't here to teach technical skills alone –you're here to inspire and make the world a better, safer, more compassionate place.

Just because you don't read about this in martial arts magazines --and just because "business associations" aren't talking about spirituality you YOU transcending the status quo ---doesn't mean it isn't important --or that it isn't time to grow up.

Let's talk journals

Besides the site getting hacked and photos not being up in any sort of timely way –what's your JOURNAL problem? Is it "hard to do?" Sorry. Are you feeling disconnected? Double sorry.

I understand –and now I have to tell you that this is THE ULTIMATE BLACK BELT TEST. And the UBBT is YOU –performing in an uncommon and remarkable way. It's you PROVING that the martial arts isn't a bunch of talk and fabrication. Studying the martial arts really does develop self-discipline, right? Black belts really have special powers, right? It isn't all show and tell, right? There is "a way," is there not?

You are a leader and a teacher, correct? You are pledged to "live as an example," yes?

Well, I'm sorry this is difficult –but the more difficult it is, the harder is for you to cope, the more challenging the obstacles, the CLOSER we get to something that helps us actually grow and evolve.

Let it BE hard! Bring it on! Come on -is that all you've got?!!! Get on your journals and journal like you're a genius -like you're a leader and a teacher -like you're a man or woman on a mission -like you're driven by unseen forces -like you eat the UBBT for breakfast.

One year –just one stinking year.

TO ANYONE and EVERYONE reading this message: LOOK to this program to see what martial artists really are -or are not! Let this stand as a banner to what "master teachers" and "black belt instructors" are capable of –what they are like under their uniforms. Watch them display the self-discipline they claim they can inspire in their students. Watch the UBBT to see if it's all so much talk –or if the martial arts are really what we so often claim they are.

Watch me make it hard for these teachers and black belts. Watch me create conflict and hardship to "test" them. Watch how they come together -or fade away...Watch all of this and it will reveal what they can actually teach their students. Collectively we will show you, now –right here and now, what the martial arts really truly are.

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