Monday, July 28, 2008

Using Your Black Belt Test as a Tool for Promotion and Education

Face it, if more people knew what benefits come out of martial arts training, more people would be knocking on your school’s door.

If more parents understood the value of martial arts training like they understand, oh say, the value of EDUCATION, then more parents would be knocking on your school’s door.

If only there were a little ray gun that you could point at somebody –then ZAP them with the feelings, the memories, the skills, the friendships, and all the experiences one has on the mat, well there would be a LOT of people in your school, yes?

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet perfected the ray gun you see above; so we must rely on more primitive methods of educating the general public about the martial arts. Here is, in my opinion, the next best thing:

Your Own Black Belt Test as the Ultimate MA BENEFITS RAY GUN for Teaching People about the Martial Arts –and About the Benefits of the Martial Arts

Your very own black belt test, whether you are a 1st degree going for 2nd or a 7th degree going for 8th, is the absolute perfect weapon for teaching your community about the martial arts.

In fact, it’s the absolute perfect vehicle for your own personal transformation, for motivating other people, for reaching out to your community, and for bringing your message to the masses.

Step No. 1 is rethinking what a black belt test is supposed to be.

Yes of course, it’s a personal victory –it’s about you, the mat, your effort, your determination, your dedication, your courage, and your skills. BUT, what if it were more?

What if being a black belt wasn’t JUST about YOU? What if your teacher (or whomever it would be that would or could hold you accountable) followed you around to see if you were applying your martial arts education to your LIFE? What if THAT was your real test?

What if a black belt test wasn’t just about what the practitioner could do in the ring or on the mat –but what he or she could do with other people? With the community? With the world?

Ahhh, now we’re talking! What if your black belt test wasn’t separate from your school’s advertising? What if your black belt test and what RESULTED from it –WAS the way your school advertized! Wow –talk about doing double duty!

What if all of your school’s testing contained some element of this idea?

This is So Radical a Departure from Mainstream “Black Belt Test Thinking” –that Most People Can’t Quite Get Their Head around It

Nevertheless, this is what the Ultimate Black Belt Test Project is about.

Get in the best shape of your life –WHILE promoting your school in the BEST possible light –WHILE teaching your students how to LIVE as a black belt –WHILE living a new kind of martial arts test process that you will use to re-engineer your own teaching/testing –WHILE motivating, inspiring, learning, growing, and teaching by example. Yeah.

The UBBT 6 is now taking enrollments for the GREATEST BLACK BELT TEST in HUMAN HISTORY. See the details at

Learn how to promote your school and services like a master, learn how to engage the world as a master –in a way that brings students to your school. Expand! Evolve! Grow! Inspire! Elevate! Change! Experiment! Play! Connect! Take it out of your dojo and put it to work in the world!

Get out of the fricken box.

The UBBT 6 is 100 years of martial arts evolution in 13 + months. Call Tom Callos at 530-903-0286. Come make some history.

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