Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Ultimate Black Belt Test 6 (UBBT 6)

The Ultimate Black Belt Test 6 (UBBT 6)

Preparing for your black belt test in a way that is sacred, extraordinary, and that brings about personal and community transformation.

The UBBT Project asks martial artists from around the world to come together, on-line, and LIVE an amazing black belt test for an entire year +.
This is a process that has the potential to challenge the participant physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

On one level, the UBBT is completely about the participant –as anyone who goes through the training will be transformed in one way or another.

On another level, the UBBT is about coming together as a team, as a group, a community.

The team, collectively, has the potential to do what no single person could do alone. By being on this team, a member reaches beyond his or her school, style, association, town, state, and/or nation –to find like-minded people who become friends, colleagues, classmates, and sometimes, family.

On yet another level, the UBBT is an entity that is influencing the international martial arts community. Thousands of school owners, teachers, and martial artists have visited the UBBT’s website, read articles about the program, and/or seen film and interviews with team members.
The UBBT is influencing instructors and students around the globe. The program offers dozens of previously unexplored ways to make one’s martial arts and life “journey” more fulfilling, exciting, and fruitful.

Teachers going through the UBBT Project come out of it with an experiential lesson in innovative black belt testing procedures. Every graduate knows, first hand, what the process feels like –and what it does for the candidate.
More to come (always, more to come).

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