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Journal entries from the 100 --

Date: June 8, 2006Title: [Ubbt]

The POINT of all of our investigation and dialogue (A callos lecture)

What's the point? The POINT is that much of the martial arts industry has spent the last decade dumbing-down and "systemizing" the education imparted through the martial arts.

The "philosophy" imparted in your average martial arts school --is, I think, mediocre at best...and the emphasis is on the physical --and the gross display of "respect" and "discipline" and "courage" manifested in rigid behavior, stamina, and endurance.

And, I might add, the philosophy all of those young men and women (our teachers) were imparting in the 50's, 60's, and 70's wasn't that sophisticated in the first place (with exceptions, of course). It's gotten to a place (in the MA industry), in my opinion, that goes exactly against (or with) the comments in the quote "Mastery":

"It's remarkable how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that the average is acceptable.

"There is mediocrity in diet --in attitude --in teamwork --in ambition --in investigation --in consumption --in education...and many of these issues are more relevant to self-defense than any of these ridiculous postures and forms and competitive concepts we teach in our little kingdoms.

Now the point is that we are in an investigation of a kind of mastery achieved by the most evolved and aware human beings...what can we improve in? What COULD the education we impart include? WHAT IS HAPPINESS? What is our potential? What is truly, truly important --and are we following in the footsteps of giants --or fools?

Beyond it all --what is your personal definition of MASTERY --and of being a Martial Arts Master? Are you content with being HALF as good (or evolved) as you could be? And who, my friends, are your ROLE MODELS? Aristotle? Plato? Confucius? Christ? Buddha? Da Vinci ("I wish to work miracles..."), Jefferson, King, Rand, Nietzsche, Rush...Charles Shultz....or who?

We MUST hold ourselves to a higher standard --and it will be these standards that give you your unique selling proposition. You will SELL to your students and community --the quality of education and skills you are able to impart. You will determine the depth and scope of your investigation --and thus the education you impart. Those ideas are what will, in great part, keep people focused on participating and continuing to seek "mastery" ---or saying, "yeah, I got my black belt in 93, now I'm doing spinning."

Being in the UBBT is, to me, a rejection of the trivial ---it is the rejection of the hypocrisy and small thinking and complaining (without positive action) in the martial arts community. I am not going to let EFC, NAPMA, MAIA, or any other business within the martial arts community stuff their "system" or ideas into my head and accept them as the standards within my world. They are on tap --not on top.

I am NOT going to look to ANY (make that "many") of my peers in this little industry as superior role models to the men and women in history (and present day) who have the guts and insight to say "NO, this is not ok." And the courage to stand up for what is right. I am tired of selling a mirage --I am tired of looking at my industry and being embarrassed --I'm tired of the people in the martial arts who have set such low standards for themselves. In fact, that goes for the world.

My heroes, who are my teachers, like Sam Mockbee ---ask more of themselves --and set their goals higher. I am compelled to push myself in life and thinking as I once did in the ring and the competitive arena. So, the point is ---I ask YOU to step up to the plate Mr. and Mrs. Martial Arts "leader" ---and decide the standard you're going to hold yourself to. Who will you learn from..who are your teachers? What is the education you provide? Does it come from a box or video or a businessman? How DEEP have you gone? What is your mission in life?

Teams --- you can step up --or step out. My mission? To get YOU to think like Buddha or Christ or some kind of man or women who had a 10,000 watt light bulb shining in their head and thru their eyes. Make THAT happen and your "business" will shine. Go the other way or stand still or creep forward and you'll be looking for the next after school pizza pick-em-up-in-a-van party what-works-for-you gimmick to keep your rent paid and braces on your kid's faces. Have your staff standing in front of Wal-Mart passing out VIP passes...

We can do better. We can improve the education we provide. We can be better role models. We could, probably, even "Be the change we want to see in the world." We can train harder and smarter for health and clarity. We can reduce the ignorance the media propagates...we can develop the kind of compassion we'd like others to feel for us...we could make the idea of "a martial arts education" mean something like what
Sam Mockbee was trying to teach about architecture.(From Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio): "Linking ethical, social, and poetic realities would be Mockbee's fate. At the core of his being, and the center of his thinking as an architect, was the drive for justice and a mutual respect for all human beings.

"Mockbee made architecture not just about building and design --but about responsibility. I challenge you to make the martial arts not just about kicking, punching, and increasing your student body by 30 students next month ---I challenge you to make it about something much more important. And I challenge you to be a living example of the potential of the martial arts ---not just physically, but in your actions and thinking and compassion. VERY hard to do. It requires some sacrifice. Some painful investigation. Some detachment. Some self-discipline. Some awakening.

This is the school of the UBBT and the 100. ----it isn't easy. It won't come in a box. You won't learn it in a weekend "martial arts university." You won't order the manual and videos.

So, team, DO NOT slide into the trivial. Use your YEAR to seek enlightened thinking. Come back, in the end, with a SHOCKING level of clarity and purpose and mission. WOW your community the way Mockbee WOW'ed the education system. Inspire! Inspire! Inspire! BE A MASTER by acting and thinking like someone who is pursuing personal mastery for the betterment of the world.

This is the point of these programs. This is the POINT of all of our investigation, dialogue, and team activities...

Tom Callos
Date: June 8, 2006
Title: More ON THE POINT lecture (shorter, thanks)...

The Point is...Who knows if global warming is happening as a result of humans --or if it's part of a natural cycle? And so goes it with many of the other issues we address here --or see as our own personal concerns...The point is to ACT AS IF what you consume makes a difference in the world.

Take, for example, the food thrown away in my household. Almost every night our compost bucket is, at least, partially filled with food that is good --but wasn't eaten. Every week or two we throw out vegetables or fruit that has gone bad because I overbought. I don't think about it much --and I don't think my children think about it at all. But how would our attitude about this waste change if we had 3 or 4 starving children living with us?

Would it change our actions? Or would we laugh and continue to throw it away --right in front of them? (We're not going to change OUR lifestyle for things we have little or no control over!).You see, because suffering is often isolated --and we go to great lengths to insulate ourselves from pain and discomfort, we use and act --often --without regard for others because we forget --or we just don't realize.

It's like the emotion one taps into when a loved one, like my father, suffers from cancer...when you lose someone, when you love and watch them deteriorate and suffer --and then pass on....well, let me tell you, you have a LOT MORE EMPATHY for other people with cancer (and their loved ones) after that. It's also like the feeling when you have your own child --and you suddenly become connected to all parents everywhere. You feel that love and that fear and that hope --and the hope that nothing bad ever befalls them.

The thought of your own child wilting away from disease or being abducted or molested or shot or starved to death --well, it's hard even to write the words.I think if you were, right now, a world traveler and you came face-to-face with poverty and hunger and pain ---you would have a lot more consciousness about your own gifts.

You might also curtail your own consumption out of respect for those who live without.This is what my personal concern is about the environment and global warming and fossil fuels and pollution and animal rights and all of this's about acting as if what I think and consume makes a difference in the world. It's treating the people who mean the very, very least to me --as if they were as important as my own children.

It's about mindfulness with regards to my footprint on the planet. If global warming turns out to be a farce --good...but to act, now, as if what I do and consume makes a difference for the health and well being of the planet and it's people ----this is, I believe, the WAY of the master.If we teach young people that what they do and say and think and consume has an effect on others --it's a good thing. In the end, we are not Americans. We are not white or brown or black. We are not Christians or Buddhists. We are all connected and we are all, each of us, as important as the next.

Thinking this way is part of the solution to much of the suffering on the planet. The man or woman with the gun, the bomb, the POWER to choose whether you live or die --whether you have or have not --whether you are free or not free.....this man or woman --wouldn't you like it if they saw you as their brother and sister --instead of the enemy? Are we ever that man or woman?

When we, each of us, understands that our weapons, for both good and evil, reside in our daily choices and our attitudes about people, things, places, and consumption...then we will start to deal with some of our most important social issues.

This is, at least, how I feel about my "business" in the world --and it's some of the ideas that shape the direction of my work. At the moment, nothing else speaks to me with as loud a voice. Where I used to hear "SALE at MACY'S" --and "NEW MODEL OF BMW" --and "VINTAGE HAMILTON WATCH" --- I now hear something akin to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech (which you can hear here

I won't and don't condemn you if you don't hear what I'm hearing --but it won't keep me from moving forward. Know what I mean?

Where some martial arts teachers in our industry repetitively pour over the scripts and systems to business success ---I always return to the lessons above. THIS is the work that needs to be polished, memorized, internalized, and activated. This is the work that will, after financial success, feed your soul. These ideas and topics are not a part of the ubbt and the 100.'s world by accident.

Tom Callos
Date: June 1st, 2006
Title: Information About The 100.

It’s Change and Movement --The 100. is about change. We are seeking to change ourselves, our businesses, our image within our own communities, and our image as a profession in the world.

Note: We’re not seeking to change just for the sake of change –no, we’re seeking to make a move upward --an improvement. The 100. is more of a MOVEMENT than it is a product or “association.”

It is a reason to improve, to grow, to get a new education, and to take action. In changing ourselves, in changing and improving our thinking and our actions, we establish a unique selling proposition for our schools. At the same time we work on that part of our martial arts training and study that is outside of the realm of physical technique. We are seeking clarity, enlightenment, vision, purpose, and a sense of heroic mission –through our work.

We have “The Ultimate Career.” In the long term, through our commitment to clarity, we seek to have a positive impact on the world. Forget What You Know; We Begin AgainForget what you know about what a “martial arts association” is. This is an association unlike anything we’ve been involved in before.

This is a family. This is a team. This is the classroom. This is the laboratory. This is the chalkboard. This is a place where you may be both teacher and student. This movement is the quest.

It is only in these parameters that I can be involved. It’s only with these ideas in mind that I can even dig up the inspiration to proceed. If we’re not out to do something amazing –and to leave our mark on our industry --and the world --in a way that is meaningful and an example of our potential ---then get me out of here.

BEGIN with the end in mind --that is what we have been taught. Your Role , Your first objective is to commit yourself to change, learning, growth, and contribution. It is, I believe, important to feel a sense of expectation; to have the feeling that you are in the process of changing and growing.

This will not be an association that “dumbs-down” its materials so the person with the least amount of experience can use them. This movement requires you to explore new ideas –to experiment –to read –and to experience new things; to see what happens. Different action creates different results.

What You Need to Do Now:
Send me your, photo BIO, your TEACHING PHILOSOPHY, and your PROJECT PORTFOLIO. To see a model of how those are to be done, go to our website and click on my photo. If you need help with any of this, call or write me.

Read the 2 books and one website I’ve assigned (see the notes on “From the Desk of Tom Callos” on the 100. website).

What’s ComingThe first suite of materials available to the 100. members will be posters, postcards, fliers, web banners, press releases, and other “identifying” materials that you can use to identify yourself as a part of this team and a part of a new movement within the MA community (which is –or will become --part of you’re new USP).

The next suite of materials will be based on Peace Education.

Peace Education
The 100. is going to launch and establish a powerful and potent Peace Education program –that will make you look very smart, give you all sorts of reasons to go to the media and the educational system in your community, and actually make a difference in the world.

The Environment
Our third “campaign” of sorts –will be about the environment and will include multi-layered campaigns to make a difference in the lives of your students and your community.

A code of ethics will be written for the 100. that rocks the industry. What I Would Like of You, Some of what I am going to ask you to try with me is going to be way out of your comfort zone.
Isn’t that great!
Isn’t it fun to stretch and try new things –and aren’t we often in a rut or groove of behavior that can limit our growth?

Yes. So humor me; come try some new things –as a master teacher –and see what happens to your body, your attitude, and your thinking. In the WORSE-case scenario, you can always go back to what you know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Green your routine. If you don’t know what that means, send an e-mail to the director of our national environmental self-defense program, Ms. Karen Valentine:””

Green your school. I would like to announce that all of The 100. schools are “green.” See Karen for all things green (more info to come).

Go organic –your diet that is. Eat a certain way –and know why you’re eating that way. No longer consume foods recklessly, but eat with intent and consciousness. I’d like to suggest you turn to Dave Kovar (””) –and model his diet for a decent period of time. If you are confident with your diet knowledge, then proceed, however, in a “perfect world,” each member of The 100. would be an example of a perfectly healthy diet.

Become an expert on Peace Education. Let’s not leave one resource unexplored –no text or book or article unread. Let’s learn about Peace to the extent that we have studied violence.

Project Based Leadership Training (PBLT) Each of you in the 100. must organize and initiate 10 community projects and outline them in your PROJECT PORTFOLIO on your BIO PAGE. This might take a year? The bottom line is that before we launch a comprehensive program within our communities, we must first LIVE the idea. When we have, as a team, completed 1000 projects, THEN we will be ready for step 2. If you aren’t familiar with PBLT, contact me ASAP.

I Would Like To…I would like to tell the world about your extraordinary commitment; your commitment to environmental protection and education; to peace education; to living as an example for others. I would like to tell the world about your projects and what your years of study have done to your thinking, your consciousness, and your behavior.

I would like to use the 100. as an example of what the martial arts does for people; how it makes them eat, think, act, consume, and live like fully conscious, sane, responsible members of the world-community. I would like to talk about your exploits THIS YEAR. What you’re doing –what you’re giving up, what you’re embracing, and how it’s NEVER TOO LATE to grow as a human being. Do you think you can live up to this? Can you step up and do something extraordinary this year?

Where the FIGHT is
The acquisition of wealth and its accoutrements is a part of life –but we all know it is not “life.” To live a life fulfilled we must contribute –and I don’t mean tithing or doing a kick-a-thon once a year.

There is a level of awareness, a level of consciousness, a level of understanding, a level of compassion…that we are seeking –and that will bring us closer to those various spiritual beings so many millions of people seek to emulate.

The fight is against a world gone mad with consumption.

The fight is against violence –against any man, woman, or child.

The fight is against war.

The fight is against people who would pollute your living environment and negatively affect your health and the health of your fellow man –all for the sake of a healthy profit.

The fight is against advertising and its impact on how you feel about yourself, what you must HAVE to be fulfilled as a man or woman, and what it makes you think.

The fight is about our fear.

The fight is against men who would produce enough nuclear weapons to kill every man and woman on the planet 23 times over.

The fight is for sanity and love and clear thinking and compassion.

Now how do we get this message across to those 1000’s of people who listen when we speak? We must live it first.

Rosa Parks and The 100.
Remember that we, collectively, are out to be “Rosa Parks.” She was one person, one little lady, who stood up for her rights and what she knew was right. Our plan is to combine our forces, our thinking, our power ---to equal the power of Ms. Parks. One hundred “martial arts masters” = Rosa Parks. Is it possible that we could, together, equal the power of one person? Are there not a 1000 “buses” RIGHT NOW that we could sit on –and refuse to give up our seat on?

You bet there are –now let’s prepare ourselves. Let’s impact the world by demonstrating what we’re capable of.

On Being a Master
Don’t pretend. Don’t cheapen or discount. Don’t allow the title to be used with your name unless you are truly, deeply committed to mastery. Let’s practice “being a master” –and let us, together, create a definition for “martial arts mastery” that has an impact on the millions of people who will, long after we’re gone, turn to the martial arts –for something. Let us, together, redefine what it is to be a “master of the martial arts.”

Tom Callos
Date: May 26th, 2006
Title: To The 100.

Ok teams, our new martial arts association is underway…under construction. Let me recap what we’re all about:

We have come together as “martial arts activists” — or, if you prefer, just as “activists.” We are committed to growing our schools and advancing our “careers” in a new, holistic, sustainable, meaning-filled, purposeful way. This involves a new approach to teaching — which in turn gives rise to a new kind of promotion and advertising. Let’s say we’re changing the OUTCOME we’re looking for as a result of our efforts (teaching). That outcome has more relevance in today’s world — it involves educational principles that either have not before been associated with the martial arts — or ideas we’re re-embracing.

We are graduating to a new level of education. Level one was business fundamentals –we needed to learn how to be business-people so we could pursue our passion for the martial arts in a way that offered a decent lifestyle. Now we’re moving to Level 2, which is developing ourselves as Master Teachers (no, as master human beings) — and re-crafting our “product” to fit the needs of our society — as it is today. We have all the business resources we need — we have entire associations committed to the ideas — and business products galore. What we don’t have is the emphasis on enlightened thinking and enlightened action. This is our job.

The 100. is, for lack of a better term, the “Green Party” of the martial arts.
We embrace environmentalism, as we consider ourselves stewards of the planet and all peoples — as there is, in our minds anyway, no separation between us and them, ours and theirs. THE world is our world –and we would no sooner stand by and watch it damaged that we would watch a child be abducted (reference to recent video). We embrace peace education. We know violence very well…now we will learn and embrace the perfect opposite of it. It is our duty to know both — for a perfect balance to our wisdom — as we recognize that, currently, this balance doesn’t exist in the martial arts educational world. When we know peace as well as we know violence, then we will have succeeded in our mission.

We will explore the ideas of Sustainable business practices. We will establish a code of ethics for all martial arts professionals. We will become the most proactive leaders in our communities — as we will be in the “business of making a difference” — in people’s lives, in our communities, and in our world. We will embrace voluntary simplicity (living a simpler life, by choice). We will shape our school’s promotional campaign away from crass commercialism and towards results-oriented activism. People will come to our schools because of the results we get — not just for promises we make.

We will LIFT ourselves into a new realm of intent and purpose — and for that we will earn the right to associate with an all new level of thinker and achiever. Our “masters” will be those people in the world who give, who think, who stand against injustice, who pursue equality and civil/human rights, who promote peace without taking lives unnecessarily, who choose the unselfish way — rather than the idea of profits first.

Our “masters” will be Nobel Peace Prize winners, environmental activists, peace workers, and people who have the guts and the vision to stand up for what is wrong in the world — but more importantly we will be guided and inspired by those who have the fortitude to take action against what is wrong in the world. We will become known for this very thing. It is the new engine that drives us — and it will be our intent to fill our schools with people who appreciate “self-defense” from this perspective.

The 100. isn’t an association that GIVES you everything (although it’s our intention to give you plenty of ideas and resources)..this is an organization that expects YOU to step up to the plate and contribute. We will require your energy, your resources, your intellect, and your willingness to explore “mastery” in an all new light. Each member of the team is important — and each is a member of a new, extended family.

Our policies: No negativity.
complaining without positive problem-solving action. Peaceful, intelligent, spiritual-based conflict resolution to all problems/challenges between members (as conflicts will arise — it’s how we deal with those that will set us apart).

Full participation in group events. Consistent communication — in a way that perfectly reflects what we ask of our students. An “open door” policy to all other members (your school is their school — your knowledge is their knowledge). And of course, we‘ll be uniting in effort for four to six major “projects” a year — that will shake the tree in your communities — make you men and women on a mission — and work as fuel for your unique selling proposition — and the knowledge that you are, indeed, making a difference in the world.

More to come — always more to come. We’ve only just begun.

Tom Callos
Date: May 26th, 2006
Title: News to the 100.My plan --one of many for the 100.
Each of you, team members, will be responsible to document 10 current projects (not old-old ones) in your PROJECTS PORTFOLIO.

With 100 schools (eventually)...we will eventually reach 1000 projects. When we've done a 1000 projects — we will then launch the STUDENT version...for your members.At 1000 community projects we will have some significant bragging rights...with our students involved...we will make history.

To see PROJECT PORTFOLIO pages, click on the pictures of members who have submitted them (hal, tom, jason).

Tom CallosDate:
May 24th, 2006
Title: To The 100. (secret message for ubbt enclosed too).
Team 100., (Message for UBBT members at the end of this e-mail) First off, thank you for your patience as this association gets it's wheels turning — my goals are complex ones, requiring a good deal of design work and thought....your financial support in this time of development is a gift...and I couldn't do this without you.It is as if we are pooling our resources to create something new — something that hasn't previously existed....and that "something" is a martial arts association and "movement" that is about sanity — and sustainable martial arts school management, and creating a career that offers us a sense of heroic mission.I want you to know I am absolutely confident that your membership in

The 100. is going to be one of the best martial arts experiences of your life (no kidding!). I know this because I have a vision of what we're going to accomplish that is crystal clear in my mind. I can see what we're moving away from — and what we're moving towards.In the next few months you will be witness to a new kind of martial arts school mission — and you'll see all new tools with which you can promote your school...these tools will speak of the dignity and power of the martial arts — and begin a process of redefining what a "martial arts education" is.

In the mean time, I have asked you to read two books and visit and read one website. Have you? Please do, as I need you to be up to speed on the ideas and concepts of peace education.This isn't going to be one of those associations that feeds YOU...this is something where each one of us is a vital link in the chain — and it is in each of us that the power of our ideas becomes something extraordinary. In the "perfect" association, YOU are as important as any other member.

We are out to create something that has NEVER existed in our industry...a movement of 100 "master teachers" combining their power, action, and intellects to become one hell of a powerful force...I am available, by phone, for you...almost 24-7...and I'd like to have an on-going dialogue with you about how you can get involved --and grow your school and career in the light of a new vision for the martial arts world. Call me.Much more to come...Tom

To UBBT Team Members: Teams, have I let you down in any way? It's a possibility, for sure --BUT, if I haven't...if you have seen the power and potential of this work, then I ask you to step up to the plate and join the 100 now.I need your financial backing to do my work. Consider your membership fee an investment in a new company where your return will give you a new set of tools and motivation and purpose like you've never seen...and I guarantee you that I am creating something that will blow your minds.If you have faith in my work and vision — I ask you to fork up $120 a month (I'll see to it that that investment is returned to you times 10) and join The 100.If you've been moved by the UBBT — if you recognize that there's been a plethora of new ideas and vision in the MA world because of it — then hold on to your horse...the best is yet to come.Yes,'s all expensive (it almost always is) — but look to the return of being a part of something that helps you MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a history-making way.

Look at the family you've joined — look at the power of our movement.I ask you, now, for your emotional, financial, and spiritual support.I'm a man on a mission....Join me. Help. Participate. Support me and this association with your $4 a day.

Tom Callos
Date: May 13th, 2006
Title: It occurred to me....
There's a song by the Counting Crows called "Round Here" — and there's a line that says, "Round here we talk just like lions, but we sacrifice like lambs..." It occurred to me that this is what we do (as an industry). We often talk like lions of our value and of so many benefits to studying the martial arts — but all too often, we sacrifice the potential of what we do — giving it up for misguided ambition, outdated or insufficient principals ("never make an unjust kill" — for example), or the unbalanced pursuit of "success" — using a model that — almost — worked for our parents, but is now painfully obsolete.

Ueshiba writes in The Art of Peace: "The real art of peace is not to sacrifice a single one of your warriors to defeat an enemy. Vanquish your foes by always keeping yourself in a safe and unassailable position; then no one will suffer losses. The Way of the Warrior, the art of politics, is to stop trouble before it starts. It consists in defeating your adversaries spiritually by making them realize the folly of their actions.

The Way of the Warrior is to establish harmony." and "The Art of Peace is to fulfill what is lacking." — When we begin to tackle the issues most important to today's world — we will not only become the "educators" we would like to be, but we will talk — and walk — like lions...perhaps fulfilling our potential for positive changes in people — and in the world. I don't know exactly how to proceed — but I do recognize that more than 80% of the "material" and ideas being distributed by the leaders in the "business industry" of the martial arts is about the business of business...and what we're looking for is the business of making such a difference in the world that people can't stop themselves from being a part of what we do.

It won't come from the "systems" we implement, it will originate with our philosophy, intent, ambition, and sense of mission and responsibility. We will live it, talk it, teach it — and see what happens. We will dwell in the loftiest of ideas — and turn our powers and influence into something remarkable.

All of the instructors and business people who've come before us have laid down a foundation for us to operate from. The systems are in place — and now the product must be refined — but not to feed the system, but to empower and educate the individual — and instill the belief that one person can make a difference — and must. This is "talking like a lion" — and to keep from "sacrificing" like a lamb, I need to inspire you to think bigger — outside of the dojo — outside of your wealth — outside of your current understanding — outside of the status quo.

You didn't become a professional martial artist by bending to public or parental opinion (they probably thought you were whacked)'re a rebel of sorts — so don't start sucking up to the system now. Stay a rebel — and "think wrong" if you must — but THINK. And after you've thought awhile, DO SOMETHING that reflects your true self — and your unlimited potential.

Tom Callos
Date: May 5th, 2006
Title: Rosa Parks Inspired The 100.

Rosa Parks, the soft-spoken civil rights activist/icon, the diminutive 42-year-old seamstress who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger on that amazing day in Montgomery, Alabama, the woman who through one simple action helped change the course of history — she is the spiritual force behind the founding of The 100.

The question is: Is it possible that 100 martial arts MASTER instructors could, combined, muster the power and determination of one 42-year-old seamstress? Could we not, collectively, refuse to yield to injustice and refuse to accept things as they are? Could we, if we took the right action at the right time, change the course of history?

We believe it is an idea worth pursuing.

In honor of Rosa Parks — and all brave men and women who take a stand for what is right, we have come together to make a difference in the world. We stand for peace, for global self-defense, for environmental protection, for honor, for courage, for compassion, and for being the change we want to see in the world.

In 1982 I wrote a letter to Ms. Parks, asking her about inspiration. She sent me a two-page handwritten letter offering her thoughts on the subject. From that day on I committed myself to making the work I do something that was important to the world. I realized that I was in the perfect business for making a difference.

The 100. is made up of martial arts teachers who believe that their years of training have been for more than learning how to kick, punch, and throw. Like Rosa Parks, we will not be giving our seat up to ignorance, apathy, and obstacles.Many other teachers, activists, and masters have their hands in this association, but Rosa Parks is the first person I think of when I visualize our potential to make things happen.

Tom Callos
Date: April. 2006
Title: This, by the way, Teams, is what's known as a WOW.

The thought....the message....the mission....the method.This kind of thing — the sense of "heroic mission" is what — in a perfect world — I would like my students to feel. That they are doing what they're doing not just for themselves, but for others — and that "it" is something that must be done.If we could tap into this — even just at 10%...5% even!

What would we do — and what would it do to us?I think we (as an "industry") have spent FAR too much time coming up with intro strategies, lead generation, and upgrade strategies — and not nearly enough time on driving the engine with a sense of mission.I know, from experience, the difference between "success" without vision — and success as a result of a purpose-driven mission. It's like the difference between being in love and faking the difference between the way one feels when they see another parent's child fall off the monkey bars from across the park — and the feeling one has when it's his or her own child.

They both create reaction — but one is painful and the other is....eviscerating.I don't know exactly HOW to inspire you to find your mission — but, for me, this is a pursuit I feel is worthy of my (our) time and effort.

To see these three young filmmakers launch this campaign is paramount to what it was to see Bruce Lee perform at the Internationals in 1964. It's like living in the Honbu Dojo and experiencing Ueshiba's teaching.Do you see it? Do you recognize the extraordinary when it materializes? My friends, this is the energy and power I'd like to see you apply to your own school — your own test — your own sense of mission. This is the "Master's Olympics."To the 100 and the UBBT teams:

Tom Callos
Date: April. 2006

Title: Good Morning to the 20 or so of us that currently make up The 100.

This morning, here, in a few hundred words, I am going to offer you some instructions/directions to help make your involvement in this Association (which is really a movement — a revolution and/or shift in our thinking) something that guides and inspires you — -and something that benefits your school — -and, perhaps, if we're very fortunate, everyone you come in contact with.

First, imagine that I produced a large variety of promotional materials — REALLY good ones — around self-defense instruction. Imagine I gave you an angle with which to promote your business that just knocked people out...and that as a result you enrolled hundreds of new students. Now imagine you really didn't know anything "authentic" about self-defense. I mean, you could go thru the motions — but the truth was that you'd never defended yourself, you'd never taken any authentic self-defense courses, volunteered at a rape crises or domestic violence program — — -let's just say that all of your "self-defense training" was practicing traditional martial arts up and down the dojo floor. All sizzle — no steak.

This is exactly what we DON'T want to have happen with our activities in The 100. I am going to produce promotional materials (print, video, partnerships, curriculum, audio, whatever-is-best) around subjects like PEACE EDUCATION and ENVIRONMENTALISM and SUSTAINABILITY.... And the materials will be, excellent.

The strategies for expanding our impact in our communities — and inspiring all sorts of new people to look at your schools with new interest...they will come.However, first, we must educate ourselves, authentically, in the new subject matter — so that when the opportunities arrive, we are truly prepared. You follow me?

One of the things you MUST PLEDGE TO DO — as a member of this team of activists and, dare I say, "revolutionaries," is to fully and authentically educate yourself on the subjects we tackle as a team. You make sure that when we start laying down our sizzle — that you've got a freezer full of steak (or, for you vegetarians, some sort of soy-based alternative).

Step # 1 — We are going to re-embrace PEACE EDUCATION as a team — in a way that has not ever been done in the martial arts. Now realize that Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, was a peace activist in a very profound way — -he even named his art "The Art of Peace." So too were many of the great masters who have proceeded us... Now it's our turn. We're going to adopt a set of tools that we will, first, LIVE, then we will teach to our students — and then, with their help, we will arm every interested citizen in our communities. Our education will be like the Polio vaccinations of the 60's and 70's — with one simple shot we will protect millions of people from harm.

We will arm people with Peace tools that will help them get a mental, emotional, and physical grip on conflict — and how to resolve it without aggression...both internally and externally. It's nothing new my friends, we're just going to make it our mission to teach these skills — the very deepest "roots" of authentic self-defense — to our friends, students, families, and fellow citizens. It will be our gift to the world. If you embrace this idea with your full potential — YOU will become THE MOST proactive Peace Activist in your community.

You may become THE (or one of the) most respected spokes-people for Peace and non-violent conflict resolution. ANY parent or employer who wants his or her charges to learn the skills of peace-in-life-and-action — -will want to send them to you for instruction and training. That is our objective. We don't have to reinvent the wheel on this one. There are many, many people who have dedicated their lives to peace and peace education...what we're going to do, after studying the subject matter thoroughly, is to take action on these ideas in an unprecedented way. I'm now going to assign you two books (or books on tape?) to begin your journey (as we must begin somewhere):

Book # 1: THE ART OF PEACE by Morihei Ueshiba, as translated by John Stevens. I have corresponded with Mr. Stevens — and I hope to have more of his input on the subject in the future. You don't have to study Aikido to appreciate Ueshiba (although it's not a bad idea)...and his ideas should (when studied with an open heart and mind — searching for opportunity) have a profound impact on your martial arts CORE BELIEFS.

Book # 2: Thich Nhat Hanh: CREATING TRUE PEACE: ENDING VIOLENCE IN YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMMUNITY AND THE WORLD. If you have not been blessed with meeting/reading/listening to this amazing peace activist, you're in for a life-changing treat. Your learning curve is going to go right off the scale. So there you have it. My first act in this new association, The 100., is not to send you a packet of promotional materials — or a new strategy for member upgrades, or a slick and fancy campaign for school, it is a request for you to lay a foundation of understanding about conflict, peace, passion, purpose, and education.

Honestly, Men and Women, our teachers should have been laying down this foundation for us from day 1....they just didn't know any better (if they didn't). We will. For all the future teachers of our various arts, we will lay down a heavy foundation of education in peace and non-violence that doesn't just scratch the surface, but that leaves a powerful and permanent positive impact on our students lives — and everyone they have the good fortune to come in contact with.

Peace is as important a part of the martial arts and life — as is any other subject. The two books I've assigned you to read, above, is as good a place to start as any. More to follow — (and I task you all to open your mental "window" to anything and everything about Peace...and you watch, all sorts of stuff is going to start flying through it). Keep in mind it takes a village to raise a "master." All of our education will NOT come from any one source (including The 100.). Together, collectively, we will teach each other, learn together, tap into all of our resources (like the great peace teacher and our friend, Terrence Webster Doyle — and others).

Oh, and one more thing: If you already have read these books, if you're already Mr. or Mrs. Peace Education, then it's your job to help, not to think or act like you're already there (of course you know this, but it's better to address ego up front, no?). The assignment above should take you no more than two weeks. Let me know how you do. Oh, and keep in mind...there's study — and then there's STUDY. Practice STUDY.It's time to prepare...Oh man are we in for a wild ride!

Tom Callos

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