Monday, August 28, 2006

From Tom Callos to the Teams!

Good evening teams,

There a lot happening, behind the scenes in the UBBT and, yes, even in The 100. Let me tell you what I’m doing, first:

I’m hard at work trying to get the 100 site up and functioning. It’s a lot of work with programmers and designers –but it’ll all be worth it in the long run. It’s sort of like NAPMA –which took a while to launch... Your financial support during this period is greatly appreciated. In this case the “founding members” of the group REALLY deserve credit…and you’re making the ship move.

The UBBT is moving along. You know, it’s all about collecting a team. When the right people are present, magic happens. The “right people” are those who commit themselves to the task at hand (whatever that is). Get capable people WITHOUT commitment, and the ship sinks. I’d wager that untalented people –who HAVE commitment, could outshine the opposite. (A lesson there for your own school teams)

In the UBBT the idea is to make a personal breakthrough –and then a Team breakthrough. In fact, the idea is to “breakthrough” in all areas of one’s life: personally; financially, emotionally, intellectually, etc.

What we’re doing, in the “big picture” is revitalizing the martial arts “industry.” We’re re-organizing and redesigning our methods. We’re redefining what it is to seek –and be –a “master teacher.” We’re laying a foundation for the next generation. We’re taking matters, quite literally, into out own hands.

Do you know what YOU have to do –as a part of these teams?

First, you have to train as hard and consistently as you ever have in your life. As you must be as good a representative of physical martial arts prowess as you possible can.

Second, you must undergo a mental transformation –kind of like you’re in a Master’s Program as a top university. You must spike the ol’ LEARNING CURVE. What to learn? Peace Education and Environmental self-defense (that’s where I’d have you start –but it’s really up to you). I’d also suggest that you turn off that stupid *#&#)$_) TV –and hit the books and lecture circuit.

You must undergo an emotional transformation. No more anger –no more frustration –no more apathy –no more bias and prejudice and opinionated misgivings. Get your “master” stuff together and start ACTING like one.

You are expected to pursue the spiritual side of your life.
I don’t know what that means for you ---but we WILL NOT have a bunch of senior martial arts masters walking around with NO spiritual training. No, that won’t do.

You are expected tohave a breakthrough year –on all levels. You’re expected to bite off the big chunk ---face the demons –face the fears –do the unthinkable, the unbelievable.

If you’re not willing to go thru the fire –then, my friends, you absolutely are hanging out with the wrong crowd (especially me, as I don’t want to tolerate any more mediocrity among people I expect to be HEROES.

Behind the scenes, people on these teams are sitting idle or formulating (and living) excuses or they are making haphazard progress (but progress nevertheless) or steady progress or breakthroughs. BUT, when it’s all said and done, and these UBBT’s go down in martial arts history –you will remember your contribution –or lack thereof.

I hope you’re know for what you DID –not what you did not do. I hope you SHOW your students and all other teachers what it means to be a BLACK BELT –and a senior martial artist.

Come on all you novice black belts –make these old men and women, these sagely “veterans” of the martial arts –come on, SHAME them. Show them what it is to be young and hungry and willing to go the extra mile.

And you, all of you old timers –don’t let these KIDS show you up! Show em what we’re made of! What we lack in athletic enthusiasm, we’ll make up with absolute brilliance –with perseverance –and with BRAIN power.

Don’t let one little 12 to 24 month training coarse make you tap out. GET ON IT. Let’s show the world that martial arts “master teachers” really DO exist –and that they’re capapale of producing the extraordinary in everything they touch.

Some “Ultimate Black Belt Test” if the black belts in it fail to produce even the minimum. What a sad statement for the state of the martial arts leadership-world…and what an opportunity for the next generation to establish its path.

I, for one, am going to keep pushing. I’m going to keep thinking. I’m going to keep nurturing other pushers and thinkers. They are sorely needed in an industry gone astray –in a world gone astray. Maybe we can actually make the study and practice of the martial arts MEAN something –again.


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