Monday, August 14, 2006

The Peace Book


The link you see above is to Artist/Author Todd Parr's site --and a "Todd-Cast" where he reads his book, "The PEACE BOOK."

Not only do I like Todd's website, but I think this book addresses peace in a way that is easy and relevant. One of our (I mean, my) projects is to define what an "act of peace" is --as we can't really have an acts-of-peace program if we can't explain how to perform one (well, a LOT more than one).

Todd covers plenty of ground in his handsome little book --and he writes for a young audience that we also entertain in our schools.

Part of our (did I mean, My?) peace project is to define what a "Peace Education Center" is ---as you know, I'm asking each one of The 100 schools (ok, honestly? I'm asking everyone who is a fan of my work --or at all embraces the UBBT /100 / Acts of Kindness concepts) to embrace peace education in a powerful, proactive, and productive way ---and make his or her school a center for Peace Education....

Of course, I have to define what a "Peace Education Center" is ----and I've yet to do that...except to say that we talk about peace from a broad perspective --kind of like Todd. Having a large library of Peace books and films is a good start...and I'd like to suggest that you add Todd's book to your reading list (listen-list too)...

Today I'm reading Pema Chodron's book, Practicing Peace in Times of War --kindly sent to me by Shambala Press.

Anyway, visit Todd's site and see how we can start, very slowly, to make a difference in people's lives by embracing peace --no matter what kind of clothes it wears.


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