Friday, August 18, 2006

We Have Only Just Begun

Good morning UBBT and 100 Teams:

Know that whatever it is we are doing --whatever stance and/or actions we have taken --that we have only just begun.

Our understanding of mastery of peace of activism of making a difference in the world of compassion of love of the martial arts themselves ----all of this is in development. It's to become clearer as we age --as we experience --as we aim and push and pull and move towards The Way (whatever that is for you).

Note too that all of the above --these are the things that make your business FLY. It's not the promotions --it's not the systems --it's not your employee handbook, your sign, your location, your understanding of rotating curriculum ----it's your ability to live as if you were on a heroic journey --it's your striving for compassion and to be authentic --to be clear and participative.

MOST OF ALL it is your understanding that you are a TEACHER --and a student.

Maybe that's: STUDENT/TEACHER?

Steps to take (for those of you searching for business tips/direction):

1. Establish your MISSION. After the mission is clear --I mean as clear as your own face in the mirror, then how you communicate this MISSION TV mechanical (ads, tv, radio, demos, fliers, posters, etc.)

2. Make a product that EVERYONE NEEDS. And when you make it, create something that people can see and hear and feel immediate results with. Communicate that message in such a way as it drives it to the soul --to the guts --beyond the rational mind.

The rational mind understands "two-for-one" --and "summer special" and "50% off" and all of that. The guts feel genuine caring, compassion, love, empathy, and deep concern for the human condition.

3. The best thing you will ever do (in my opinion) is to sow the seeds of ACTIVISM (as in "taking action on those things you care about --those things you see that need doing") in your students. Imagine if you could inspire people to take action to improve the quality of their own lives --and then to their fellow man --and the world). That's something that should keep you VERY busy, very relevant, and in a mode where your work is your life's work (not just a job or the work you do to buy the things/experiences you really want to do).

More tips:

A. Return to the organic. Take as much of the plastic, the in-organic, the fake ---OUT of your school. Return to nature --and if you have to live some of your life in a box under florescent lights, then bring as much of nature in it as you can.

Choose organic colors, GO GREEN with your entire scene (green as in eco-friendly), bring the wood (salvaged and/or sustainable) into your school --bring plants, bring light and air.

Go ahead, try it! See what happens to the "feel" of your school.

Become a "Peaceful Warrior." Explore peace in all of it's forms. Remember when (for those of you who have been in the "industry" for some time) we were urging you to keep your statistics and adopt a 3-lesson introductory? Well, this is 100 times more important to your business future than any of that --you just can't see it yet.

Oh there's a LOT more --but let's start with these things, first.

Why? The future of our industry --and the quality of your awareness --and the genuine pursuit of some kind of personal mastery beyond the "business" of the martial arts ---beyond style and technique.

We have only just begun. How exciting!
Tom Callos

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